Friday, July 23, 2010

Memory Lane Fridays: That Was A First

Asking a Man out on a Date!

I was too anxious to take a nap Friday afternoon.  The reunion was being kicked off at a local B & B in the small town where I grew up.  Drinks and appetizers were being served from 7-11pm.  Guests were allowed.  My husband did not want to make the trip from Virginia to attend my reunion.  He said that I'd be gabbing, hugging and talking to everyone and he would feel out of place, so I made the trip alone.  No big deal...I am very independent...always was... and was so anxious to see everyone, let alone see if they remembered me!

Do any of you use Face Book?  It's a great friend finder.  If you don't, I would recommend it because that's how I found my guest!   I had touched base prior to the party, extended the invitation, saying that "it would blow their minds if we walked in arm in arm"! It was time to do something I've never done before.  Me, at the age of 62, ask a man out on a date! 

He accepted my invitation.  After all, he hadn't seen me in twenty five years so it was going to be interesting and fun for both of much to talk about and so many good times together to recall.  We made arrangements for him to pick me up at the Hotel where I would be staying.
Waiting outside the hotel on a small bench, I'll admit I was nervous.  Getting into the car, I turned to see high school sweetheart, star of the basketball team...smiling.  We hugged and I think I may have kissed him on the cheek.  We headed to the reunion, trying to play catch up as he drove.  Arm in arm we, like others, began the walk up the driveway to the entrance, trying to play catch up on 25+ years.
He let me go in front of him up the steps...the gentlemanly thing to do.  He always was a gentleman.  He was a shy, quiet and VERY handsome fellow back in high school and I must admit, still was!  He was a year behind me although I am only 3 months older so he knew everyone in my class very well.  After all, we were one of the cutest and popular couples.  He played sports and I'd go to the, baseball, track.  I'd sit in the bleachers with his sisters, mother and father cheering him on!
All those times were reeling through my mind as we neared the doorway.  I wondered what everyone would say.  We had come to a stop so I asked him, "Are you ready for this?"  Emphatically saying "Yes" we went in.

What happened in that Inn was incredible!  I hadn't even pinned on my nametag and people were hugging and chattering.  As one girl at the door said my name, we hugged then turned and said, "Do you remember the star of the basketball team?"  Folks were just totally flabbergasted!  We went our separate ways socializing when we got inside.  So emotional to see everyone, listen to their "lives".  I hugged one of my English teachers so hard and then when we stood back from each other, he remarked, "well, at least your not afraid of me anymore".  I was terrified of him back in the day!  He was so stern!  And the fact that my former English teacher remembered how terrified I was of him really made me feel special.

So many of us were so busy talking, hugging, catching up with everyone that we didn't even have any appetizers or drinks!  I ordered a soda at one point and took one sip.  Everyone was laughing, talking about 45, grand kids, work, ups and downs, good times, bad times.  It was like being on an emotional roller coaster!  As 11pm drew near, we looked at the board for activities slated for the next day.

 Gingerly, I asked him if he would be drinking tomorrow night and when he said, "No", I asked him to be my designated driver for the was a BYOB.  He said that he would pick me up at my hotel at 4:45pm. 

  When I got back to my room, I was so totally exhausted but couldn't fall asleep.  I was replaying my classmates lives one by one...feeling all the hugs and remembering their friendship once again!


varunner said...

That sounds like quite the reunion! LOL, my 10 year was just a little potluck!

Sonya Heilmann said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! I love class reunions.


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