Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Road Trip

Well today's the day!  And as usual, I am so excited about going "home" that I didn't sleep.  By the time you folks read this, and since I am a "morning person", I'll have hit the road and be on my way to CT.  Hope I remembered everything.  If not, as my Joe says, "stop and pick it up".  

Did you know that it's about a 3 hour drive just to get out of Virginia from where I live?  And what about those rest stops that states are closing or have already closed?  What is a little old lady like myself supposed to do???  Especially me, because I DRINK water...a lot of water!

The drive is about 10 hrs to my mother in law's house, so my ETA should be around 4pm as long as I don't dawdle when I stop to walk around.  One time when I did this trip solo, I got lost...oh it was horrible.  It took me 13 hrs to get up there and everyone was worried sick.  However, I didn't have my trusty British accented GPS back then and I got off the "business" route by mistake.  So, while driving through the city, I found the local police station and asked directions.  Seemed like the smart thing to do, right? WRONG!   The officer said follow route # whatever and it parallels the highway.  Well it did, however the speed limit was 30 mph less than being on the highway!

But, I've got my magic GPS now and she's (I named her Liz because she speaks with a British accent...fact is, I'm waiting for her to say, "cross the pond and take a left"!) only gotten confused a few times.  Got the iPod, got the laptop...good to go.  Although,, my best friend sent me a text over the weekend telling me to buy a push-up bra and wear something low cut to the reunion, so I guess I'm really not ready as I have neither of those with me!

  Au revoir readers...:)

Talk to you from my old stomping grounds!

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