Friday, July 2, 2010

Memory Lane Friday July 4th

It was a Saturday.  It should have been normal, but it wasn't.  After all it was the 4th of July!  I needed to be up early because we had a lot to do.  Joe needed to be over at the house, helping his brother Robbie and he had to be there at 5:00am.  One thing about my Joe...he does NOT like getting up that early! 

My mind raced as he pulled out the driveway.  Good gravy!  Did I have everything I needed for the day?  Lynne should be here any minute...where in the world is she?  Oh my gosh, now it's raining!!  Raining...not today...not today of all days!  As I watched the raindrops come down I saw Lynne's Honda pull up.  I ran downstairs to let her in.  My sister had slept over Joe's  Mom's so she, too, could get an early start. 

Lynne handed me my DD coffee and said something like, "I knew you'd need it today".  We hugged.  Sometimes she was a brat, but she knew me like a book!  Then we started to pack up the cars (hers and mine)...because she wasn't coming back to my place...not today.  We had to hurry to get over to Mom's in time for the celebration because we still had some decorating to do.  After all, my sister couldn't do everything by herself.  I had to get the music ready and I still needed someone to learn how to operate the stereo.  I couldn't ask my son...he was already doing things.  I couldn't ask my daughter for she, too, was going to be tied up with things.  Oh my!  Never enough bodies when you need them most!  Oh well, I was sure that I could get one of Joe's brothers to help me...maybe Philip would do it, I thought.

We pulled into Mom's, smoke was coming from the pit.  Joe came over to help carry stuff from the cars.  He reeked of smoke and I could tell that he had already had a few beers.  He hugged Lynne and then told us that my sister and Mom were up at the house.  Sure enough, sis was chattering away, asking how this looked and what did I think of that arrangement on that table.  Mom came out and after we hugged then she and Dad walked me around the yard and brought me over to the gazebo.  She wanted to know what I thought of her flowers that she had in hanging baskets all around.  Mom taught me just about everything I know about gardening, collecting seed, you name it (another tribute).  

I had Dad help me get the stereo set up and oh good, there was Philip...he and his wife arrived early to help out, too!  He accepted the mission of operating the stereo with great pride...I knew he would.  Now more of the family began to arrive and Mom told me that I'd better go in and change...the rain had stopped and the sun was just peeping out, but we were keeping up the tents we rented just in case.  I mean, after all we had about 150 people coming to this shindig... we had tons of food to share!  On the menu was shrimp cocktail, various cheeses, pepperoni, crackers, veggie platters, crab salad, chips & dips all being served before the grilled chicken, roasted pork (on the spit since 5:00AM), potato salad, eggplant parmigiana, baked ziti with Mom's meatballs, Cole slaw, macaroni salad, baked beans, tossed salad and then there was wine and beer and of course soft drinks for the kids.  Then there was cake for dessert.

So, in the house I went along with the rest of us "worker bees" so we could all get gussied up for the celebration.  Where were my son and daughter, I thought???  Oh there they are...OK.  Everyone went outside except my son & I.  You see, while Philip was about to play the pre-recorded song that Joe and I chose, my son was walking me down Mom's path right to the gazebo where my daughter, Joe and his brother Robbie were waiting with the minister.  I was getting married!  It truly was my most memorable 4th of July!  So, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY everyone!


varunner said...

Oh my gosh, check out your totally awesome wedding pic! Love it. And I love that you got married on July 4. Happy (slightly early) anniversary!!!

baylorbearpaul said...

Oh yeah love the old photo! You guys clean up pretty nice. Happy anniversary!


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