Thursday, July 1, 2010

Live, Love, Laugh

This week I am working really hard at the Y.  I have several events coming up in the month of July and want to look my best!  So, in July, if you don't see regular posts and miss me, I'll try to make it up when I return!

First and foremost  is, of course, 4th of July but you'll be hearing about that one soon enough if you follow  and participate in Memory Lane Fridays.  Go check it out!

Tonight I'm doing a little baking...some bars for my daughter.  I'll freeze them and bring them with me when I leave for CT next week. 

First I am going to my 45th high school class reunion!  Yep, can you imagine? The Class of 1965 Woodbury High School Class Reunion!  Forty five years...WOW!  Did all that time really go by?  So much living, loving and laughing (and quite a few tears also, I might add) in forty five years!!  I am so looking forward to touching base with my classmates and since we had only 126 in our graduating class, I hope to hug each and every one of them!  It should be a lot of fun as the first night is drinks and apps, followed by a full day on Saturday beginning with a 5 mile run/walk, golf , kayaking, garden tour, car rally, picture taking then that evening a buffet and dancing.  I really need to rest after that...but  

Since I'll be CT, I have made some "lunch dates" with friends and some of the folks I worked with, arrangements for a sleepover at my best friend's house (I get to sleep with their boxer!!!...she calls me Auntie and gives me tons of boxer kisses!!! Oh, and have homemade waffles and enjoy my friends' company too!!!), plans to visit all seven grandchildren ...good gravy, I haven't seen the youngest (she's 18 mos now) since the beginning of May!!  In between all of that, I'll be helping my daughter get ready for the next event...

The following week is a monumental daughter turns 40!  She is having a small group of friends...last I knew it was 135...and hosting a PARTY!  Lots of  food (I doing some baking and transporting it with me) and fun...she's getting a slip and slide, Zim Zam (which is so much kids and I had it when times were tough and loved it!!!), and a bunch of other outdoor activities, as well as a DJ!  It will be like to good old days seeing all of her friends again...:)  My Joe and I used to host parties like that each year...a lot of good times with good friends make fond memories.

Then after my little two week jaunt I'll be back...with lots of adventures, I'm sure!

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