Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Hairdresser

Well, I made it through all the adventures and trust me I had them over the past two weeks!  I guess we'll start right at the beginning of the trip.  

I arrived at Mom's on Wednesday evening and on Thursday, Mom wanted me to accompany her to "The Hairdresser"...she goes weekly to get her hair done and this week she was getting a perm.  I thought, good, I can sit, look at a magazine...whatever.   I expected to be visiting with a few sedate elderly women.

Well, let me tell you...I was exhausted when we got back home!  Have you ever been placed in a salon with about  6-8 women...older women...who, once you've been introduced, begin the interrogation process???  Oh my goodness!  It was so darn cute!  First it was that I collect Social Security, then it was tell us about the mountains, then it was tell us about your dogs, then it was tell us about the garden, then the flowers, then the veggies...good gravy we covered just about all the topics including Joe being bitten by the caterpillar!  They really loved that one and the one about the Copperhead that Joe killed.  You know, looks can be deceiving..so just because you see a little old lady with white hair all in little curls does NOT mean they only chat about knitting!!!

After Mom and I left there, we went out to lunch and had some great fried seafood!  Mom had fried clams and I had sea scallops.  It really hit the spot after all that "lip lappin'"!

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varunner said...

Well, you didn't miss much here, other than The Big Auction. Our chickens started laying yesterday, so in a few days once they really get going we'll share some eggs :-)


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