Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Neighbors Make Good Fences

Over the weekend, we went to a family get together at our of our neighbors' houses.  They always invite us to their "family" gatherings.  I like to think that they consider us "family".  It was a fish fry.  My Joe had dug potatoes from our garden to make fresh french fries...YUMMY!  Others brought potato salad, Cole slaw, cupcakes, cookies ( a new recipe was sampled by me, the guinea pig and given a big thumbs up!!)  It was a good time had by all.  Now one of the family members and I chatted and during that conversation, she told me that she always enjoyed my company whenever she saw me.  So, I promised her that I would call her when I return from my trip as we have several things in common.  She is a Master Gardner (I have signed up for the course this fall/winter); she loves the outdoors; likes to hike/walk; loves to bake (that's my specialty!) and is energetic like I am. 

Remember people cross our paths for a reason.

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