Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gardening Club

Did I ever tell you that I joined a Garden Club a few years ago? 

 No, it's not one of those snooty ones; it consists of real honest, down to earth women who don't mind getting dirty.  I love them all!  They are native Virginians who all share a passion for gardening, laughter and good times.  You couldn't ask for a nicer bunch.  Each month we do different things.  We made bird baths out of concrete.  We bring in speakers so we can continue to learn new things.  Earlier this year we went to Booker T Washington National Park which is only a hop, skip and a jump from me.  The park has volunteers that plant and maintain the garden that is planted there each year.

We do all kinds of things each year and this year, one of the things we've done is volunteered to do some plantings at the elementary school in Callaway, a local community.  So, today we needed to meet at the school to tidy up and prepare "our spot" for fall.

Dorothy had brought two Gauras that needed planting and we needed to weed the entire bed and then put down fresh mulch.  Not all of our club was there but as usual those of us that were had a few laughs while we worked and sweated like crazy in the evening sun!

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Tiggeriffic said...

Now that is a garden club...We have one in our community but they are nose in the air girls.. I was going to join so I went to one of their meetings and decided I didn't qualify to be in this club..

I'm so glad that your group is doing many fine things. especially at schools. I used to be the head custodian at our school and always liked it when a class (6th grade) would plant flowers.. One year they actually had a vegetable garden.. It taught the kids all about gardening.. Something they will be able to use all through their lives when they get older and on their own..
Good work~!


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