Monday, July 26, 2010

Class Reunion-Day 2

After we finished our walk/chat, we toured the school.  On of the committee members did a great job of explaining how the school has changed and evolved since we were students.  What was amazing was that when I peered into the classrooms or down the hall at our lockers, they seemed so small.  I'm sure you've noticed that too when you look at the house you grew up in.  Speaking of houses where we grew up, I decided that it was time for me to go and re-visit the home in which I was raised.  I took several photos, which I have published as Childhood Memories.  What was fun was driving around town, taking pictures of the local drug store, the church I attended, the stone walls where I used to go and gaze into the heavens, transforming clouds into animals.  In my later years I took my children there as well.  If you've never done that, try it!!  To this day, my children, now 40 and 35 remember doing that.  Clouds are shapes given to us by Nature!

Of course, the next adventures I had signed up for were canoeing (good gravy!!!) , a garden tour, the road ralley (which consisted of a three page questionnaire of "then and nows").  I found out that evening when the answers were revealed that I would have flunked!  But, one of my best friend's in high school won!!!

My ride was picking me up at 4:45pm so I scooted back to my hotel and sure enough, I was dressed, ready and waiting outside when my friend came to pick me up.  Again, we played more catch up...questions upon questions; answers upon answers.  I've always been very comfortable with him and found I still was, even after all these years.
When we arrived at the Senior Center, he selected our table and we immediately began to mingle.  More hugs, kisses, listening, talking.  Then we invited some of my classmates to join us at our table as appetizers were being served.  Since the evening was casual, dinner was served buffet style.  The food was great and before you knew it, the DJ began playing all the "oldies".  A bunch of danced...slow and was great fun in being together once again.

In between, I continued to listen to my friends talk about their lives and they mine.  I must have invited at least 10-15 of them down to our Home in the Hollow.  I hope some will take me up on the offer.  The evening ended around 11pm and people were still continuing to chat and play catch up.
I promised to stay in touch with so many folks and they with me.  And, I found that saying farewell wasn't as emotional as I thought it was going to be for me.  I guess I have finally learned that "good-bye" isn't forever...:)   My high school sweetheart and I decided that we would stay in touch through email.  Interesting  that he chose the mental heath field.  I told him how I had gone to counseling later in my my recurring dream had a different ending one night and how excited I was to share that with my counselor.  He  told me that he remembers meeting my Aunt and Uncle and how he got a strange feeling about my Uncle right from the beginning.  If I had only known, perhaps I could have confided in him at the time rather than keeping it all bottled up inside for such a long time.

So, all in all, the reunion was a blast, an enormous emotional roller coaster ride.  I am anxiously awaiting the next one!! 

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