Thursday, July 22, 2010

Class Reunion - The Skirt

On Friday, I headed over to the hotel I was going to stay at until Sunday.  It wasn't far from where I grew up so I thought I'd take some photos of things that brought back Childhood Memories.  You can find them on the page entitled Childhood Memories).

Arriving at the hotel and unable to carry everything I needed in one trip, I decided that I'd grab my bag, check-in and head on up to my room.  Then after I put that stuff away, I head back down to the car for a second trip.  After all, I had all afternoon.

So, as I'm walking out to my car, I saw this thing...what looked like a brown paper bag under my windshield.  As I got closer, I realized that it wasn't a was some kind of material.  Good gravy!  It was a woman's skirt!  Yep..size 14P...and trust me, I am not a "P"...I'm 5'6"! 

I took it off my car, got the rest of my things from the car and headed toward the front was the only decent thing to do.  But, as I crossed the lobby, two elderly folks came out of the lounge, waving their hands at me, saying, "my skirt, my skirt..where did you find my skirt?"  As the white haired woman scurrying across the lobby with her husband in hot pursuit approached, I replied, "I found it on my car windshield".  

She took it, hugged it and said, "Oh I can't thank you's the only one I brought".  With that her husband said, "let us buy you a drink."  I then told them that I was in town for my 45th Class Reunion and since I was driving, I would have to decline.  Her husband then said (which I thought was so eloquently put), "Thank God you found it...I would have had to listen to it all weekend!"  

I then went straight to my room and jumped on the laptop.  I needed a break from all this excitement.  And so this is how the weekend began!  Good gravy, I was getting nervous!  You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you used to get way back when.  Here I was nervous about tonight, the first evening of my 45th class reunion.  

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Nicole said...

Good luck tonight! I hope all goes well for you. Have a great time!!


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