Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Birthday Bash

My daughter turned forty this year and, as I told you, she was throwing herself a birthday bash to remember!  We shopped until we almost dropped !  My daughter wanted everything done in black and white...the table coverings, the balloons, the invitations specified casual attire in black, white and/or denim.  She was expecting between 60-80 people and we had close to 70 show up!  It was absolutely AWESOME! 

We had chips, dips, bread bowls, my infamous crab salad, veggie platters for nibblies.  Then we had chicken pieces cooked to perfection, spare ribs, sausage patties, hot dogs, hamburgers and, of course, red hots!  For sides, there was rice and beans, tossed salad, red potato salad, "regular" potato salad, cole slaw, peppers and onions, kielbasi and sauerkraut, jello with sour cream and fruit, fresh fruit salad in the watermelon that my Joe had scooped out and two different kinds of cake!  Oh and I almost forgot...fresh corn on the cob...that was picked the day before from the farm!
It was go good to see all of her old friends again...our paper boy who now has 4 grand-kids of his own!!!  Her friends from middle and high school...the kids who lived in the same apartments as we did.  After the first "feast" was served and the DJ started playing some of their tunes, some of my daughter's friends started dancing.  After we brought out the cakes and sang Happy Birthday, I asked the DJ to play "Wing Beneath My Wings," dedicating it  my daughter.  We danced to it.  We hugged, held on to each other and sang the words while looking into each others eyes!  

You see, when that song was first introduced, she called me at work and asked if I could turn on the radio because when she heard it, she thought of me.  It has been our song ever since!  So if and when you ever it, please think of the closeness that my daughter and I share and what it means to be someone's "wind beneath their wings". 

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