Friday, June 25, 2010

Well, here goes...a birthday?? was the year I turned 50. We lived in Cheshire, CT in our ranch style home (you thought I was going to stop at ranch, didn't you???). My Joe was working. Joe was a fireman and so, when it was his shift, regardless of what day, what event..Christmas, birthdays, graduations, etc., he worked. Sometimes I didn't like that, but it was his job and when I worked Monday through Friday, I couldn't always take time to go sing "Happy Birthday" to just anyone, let alone your spouse. But I had my dog.

I was bumming that morning...I was turning 50 and my honey was not there, but I had my dog. I haven't told a lot of people about this dog. She's gone now...I had to have her put down, but that's some other Friday story. Back to my 50th.

So, here I am, me and my dog, in December, snow on the ground, cold outside. I had my sweats on as I had decided that, after all, it was my birthday and I could stay in sweats if I wanted to. Kiera wanted to go out so here I am playing in the snow with Kiera Von Pooh (yep, for real) when my daughter and he husband pull in.

First she told me how stunning I looked (my daughter is a femme fatal, born of a Tom Boy...go figure!), then told me that I'd better go take a shower and change because about 50 people would be arriving in about 30 minutes!   Good gravy,  I hadn't even washed my face!!!

Good thing I had made that pot of chili that morning I thought...oh and I could whip up some nice warm cornbread to serve with let me do that first, I thought. You, quite frequently I referred to myself as "Dolly Domestic".  Well, you guessed it, company, friends, my kids friends (they all called me mom) and we had a great time with me in my sweats! But we had food, cake, chili, sang to me. Best of all, my daughter  made up a photo album and the first inscription in it, reads, "Mom, this is your life!! Some are good times, some bad...but remember the best times are yet to come. I Love you, Jennifer"
It was the most memorable birthday ever...for me and, I can imagine, for the guests!

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varunner said...

wow, 50 people! I don't think I even know 50 people. Does sound like a fun birthday :-)


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