Thursday, June 17, 2010

Meet Mountain Moon

Her name says it all! 

Wandering in off the mountain one morning when she was about 5 mos old, my heart melted.  

 Was she just dumped on our gravel road? Was she from a litter from the dogs that ran the ridge? We'll never know. 

 She came in to our lives, so emaciated that her spine and hips felt all knobby when you picked her up. She had a stick embedded in her hip that had festered over. She was starving to death, eating beetles, spiders and butterflies to survive! 

 After she had a bowl of food, water and a night in the garage, we brought her to our vet and told him to do what he could for her because we were going to keep her. 

 Our vet remarked on her eyes. You see, although one eye appears to be blue, it has a brown crescent shape (like a moon). Hence, the name. A mixed breed (Shepherd/Husky), she is a true watch dog, very alert, very aware. I pay close attention to her when we walk because her body language tells me when to be on my toes.

My new best friend, Moon is a perfect match for me.  Freedom and independence are in our cards.


varunner said...

I never knew where she got her name - cool!

texwisgirl said...

Sweet pup!


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