Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hungry Caterpillar

I think getting close to butterflies is fun! My hubby didn't think so today. He went to pick me some blueberries (what a nice guy!) and while he was picking, he saw a caterpillar munching away at the bush. He showed no mercy, if you know what I mean. He does not like things eating the fruit & veggies that he painstakingly works at growing for us.

 Anyway, he came back to the house, claiming that the little guy bit him...picture that one! He said felt a pinch and sure enough, he had a small bruise on his thumb. He told me it was one with all the prickly spikes on it. Then I told him that caterpillars with bold colors and spikes have been given such features to ward off predators.  It was only doing it's job!

We think it was a Tomato Hornworm, the larval stage of the Hummingbird Moth. 

1 comment:

Crazy Brunette said...

HAHA!!! Of course the damn think would bite him! Hope his finger doesn't fall off! You'll be hearing about this shit for a couple weeks you know!


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