Saturday, June 26, 2010

GI Joe

Thanks to Heligirl for reminding me of this story to share with you. 

 Way back in the day when my son (now 35) was into the GI Joe thing, he was really into it.  I didn't have a lot of money for all the "extras", so one afternoon he and I made some army posts....out of old shoe boxes.  

Of course, he had the "good guys" (aka GI Joe and company) while I, on the other hand, had the enemy (should have thought of that analogy back then but hey..).  So here we are playing war and suddenly, he stops, notices I have a soldier sitting on the roof with his legs crossed.  

My son asked me why I had a soldier sitting with his legs crossed on the roof rather than actively fighting.  I responded, that sometime people make choices in their life to not pursue the opposite sex but rather the same sex and that this soldier was looking for a mate!  He was introduced to being "gay".  Sad, but true...and he remembers that...scared to say! 

He didn't find out until much later that actually the little guy's leg was broken so he couldn't do anything but sit!!

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