Wednesday, June 23, 2010

AM Walks

Each morning, the dogs and I walk for about a mile up the gravel road. Usually, this is what we see when we get to the top of our hill...the sun has already risen and is gleaming through the trees! In early June, the honeysuckle is in bloom and the fragrance is unbelievable. You just can't take enough deep breaths. When the wind blows, the fragrance again dances around, making you feel so alive, fresh and free.

However, sometimes, I must admit that it can be VERY gives you almost an eerie feeling, because you can't see through it! There's no breeze, just thick mist lingering throughout the woods.  It's sort of creepy...and, after all,  we do have black bears in our neck of the woods!

Did I tell you that last fall, I was gardening (cutting back spent foliage) and kept getting a feeling like someone was watching me. My Joe had gone into town and had taken the dogs with him for the ride. It was a cool day and they love to ride in the truck. Anyway, I picked up an armful of clippings and when I stood up, I saw it...a decent size bear lumbering along the mountainside! Yep...I moved pretty darn quickly...right into the house until Joe and the kids got home! He then told me that about 2wks before, one of our neighbors came around the corner before our driveway and startled a black bear IN MY FRONT YARD!! It scaled the four foot fence, ran across the yard, jumped over the creek and up and over the fence in back , crossed the road and up onto the mountain into the woods. Did you know that bears like the smell of citronella?? I learned that from my neighbor. So, if you go camping in the woods, don't use it.

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varunner said...

Oh, beary scary. I'm a little mad. Everyone on the road has seen a bear except me. As much running as I do on the road, you'd think I'd see one. I've actually run 20 miles before, running up and down the road!


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