Saturday, September 19, 2020

Another Rant

 Here I go again.

Why am I NOT receiving email notification when someone leaves a Comment on my blog?

I have reached out to Blogger for HELP but have not received an answer!

I had it set-up where when someone left a Comment, I received an email.  I could then answer the person directly via email.

My "Comments" were set up with Pop up Window, but when I "Googled" the problem, the information showed I was supposed to set Comments up as Embedded.

I tried going into Settings/Email/Comment Notification Email and I get message "There are no emails."

Is it because I'm on an older Mac?  I use Google as my Search Engine as well as to access my Blog.



Yes, I've had a sore heel.  Because of that I've restricted my physical activities for the past week or hiking, no kayaking...just working around the house and yard.   I will admit though that I've had the best company ever.  

For instance, when I washed the first floor exterior of the house by hand, she basked in the sunshine in her screen house.  When it got a little too warm in the Southern sun, I rolled out the shade so she didn't get too hot.



When it was time to move to the West side of the house, I relocated Katniss too.  After all, she needed to watch the bugs crawl and the birds fly.  Remaining fixated on them, she seems to be fond of worms and slugs, although she does go a little crazy when a bird flies right at her crate...LOL!

So I scrubbed the vinyl siding while she watched the dragonflies come and go.


While I washed and rinsed the vinyl trim around the windows, she watched  the toads hop out of the way of the cold hose water.


Yes, this is the meaning of "together" in our world of today.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Fog...A New Favorite

Hitting the road early lately, I'm finding that I actually appreciate early morning fog.  Hearing an occasional fish jump is a little spooky before daybreak though! 

 seeing, saying, and sharing...

Fog...A New Favorite

 Black and White Weekend

Gut Feelings


Spontaneity is my thing...sometimes.  Yes, I'm a planner, a thinker, a wonderer but when I get a feeling in my gut, it's usually pretty reliable.

Sipping my coffee that morning, I suddenly decided to throw some water on my face, brush my teeth, get dressed, and head to the river.  I'll eat breakfast when I get back.

The morning I took this, I felt like I was being watched.  I was right.  Two Bald Eagles...a second year immature headed up river about twenty minutes after the adult headed down river shortly before sunrise.

seeing, saying, sharing...

Gut Feelings


Weekend Reflection

Skywatch Friday


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