Sunday, February 17, 2019

Thank YOU

Filled with sad (and bad) news, my last post was a while ago.  Because of that, I received SO MANY well wishes, thoughts and prayers, that my heart literally felt like the Grinch's when he went into Whoville coming down Mt Crumpet.  His heart grew three times that day and mine did as grew and grew and filled with a "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again attitude."  

(Say, what do you think of the heart formed by snowflakes in a recent snow-squall?  Although the Pres could not understand why I just had to go stand in it, I knew I had to.)

Katniss is doing well.  The additional dewormer, probiotics and anti-fungal oral suspension seem as if they worked.  Although all she did was sleep, I watched her like a hawk.

She's finally gaining weight like she should be and her blood counts, and iron levels are FINALLY where they belong...:)

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Thank YOU

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Thursday, January 31, 2019


I'm just not feeling enthused this Winter...too many people I care about are having a rough time this year:  

a BF has been diagnosed with heart problems and most recently was brought to the ER bleeding heavily from her cervix;

another friend slipped on a piece of wax paper on her floor in the kitchen and broke her shoulder...meanwhile her husband developed pneumonia while fighting a "cold", and ended up having half of his lung removed;

another very good friend lost his son recently.  When I saw him after the holidays and asked how their Christmas was, he responded, "Well, my sucked son is dying."  All I could do was hug him tightly;

another BFF was working on his garage roof when the scaffolding gave way and he fell to the pavement hitting his head...during his ER tests, they discovered he has cancer in addition to his TBI;  

while Katniss was treated repeatedly for various worms since I caught her, at her recent office visit to the Vet when the Vet suggested trying a complete change to her diet, I asked to (once again) test her feces "for anything and everything".  I KNEW something was in her intestines.  She is now being treated for Lungworm, a parasite that generally affects dogs.  Katniss is now on three meds, while I am hoping for a full recovery;  

just seeing, saying, and sharing...


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Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Story: The Headless Hiker

Walking along with the other hikers, when Boss stopped to chat about this particular tree, I was amazed to see that although the lower five feet of the trunk was completely hollow, the tree itself was very much alive.

The next thing from Boss was, "JP climb inside and see what it's like. I'll take your picture."

ME:  "Boss, do you think I could fit?  If I get stuck in there, I won't be a happy camper."

BOSS:  "Don't worry.  We'll come and save you.  Now tell me how to work this thing.  What button do I push?"

Once inside (which was really kind of cool), and after telling him which button was for the shutter, I heard Boss say, "We can't see your head.  Duck down." 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Headless Hiker

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