Friday, June 7, 2019

The Recluse,,,A Story

Like other youngsters, Katniss has developed quite a personality.  Occasionally we play hide seek although her favorite pastime is still obsessing over the bugs outside the screen door.  She has now been introduced to carpenter bees and in the evening, the bats keep her glued to the slider long after my bedtime.  

Yesterday morning while I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I noticed her just staring at the threshold between the laundry room and the hallway.  Walking over to where she was, I saw what she was focused on.  A motionless spider apparently had become her latest victim. 

When I told the Pres of her latest conquest, he said, " It's about time she earned her keep."

Did I tell you about a friend of ours and his recent discovery?  Our friend had done some yard work near a well wooded area and a few days later, after detecting swelling and pain on either side of his spine, he went to the ER.  It was lanced and "cleaned".  Days later he went to his doctor still complaining of pain and swelling.  After telling him that the woman who treated him in the ER should be fired, his doctor drained a half cup of black dead tissue from his back, saying that if he'd waited until after the Memorial holiday weekend, the venom could have impacted the nerves in his spine.  He'd been bitten by a Brown recluse spider.

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The Recluse...A Story

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Don't TOUCH MY Chicken

We've been together a long time...the Pres and I.  And although we can and often do (believe it or not) work well together, we are definitely not "cut from the same cloth."  While I am "particular" about certain things and feel that there's a place for everything, the Pres likes to "jam and cram".  

Having a reputation for being "Pig Pen's" brother...huge dust ball with lots of fingerprints seem to follow him around the house. And it was those fingerprints that gave him away recently.

A few weeks ago, I asked the Pres to grill some chicken breasts that I'd been marinating.  Placing them in a dated zip lock bag after cooling I stashed them in the freezer in the kitchen.  

Days passed and one day, I was in the mood for a nice chicken Caesar salad.  Slicing and dicing my way through all my veggies, it was time get a piece of chicken and warm it to savory perfection.  However, when I reached into small kitchen freezer, my chicken was NOT where I'd put it.  It was nowhere to be found!  Hmmmmm????

It seems that the Pres decided to rearrange the freezer to accommodate his stash of breads.  He left my frozen blueberries and spinach in there as well as my bag of coffee beans, but moved my chicken to the freezer in the garage!!

That night, when we talked about my missing chicken, he told me he likes his bread in the kitchen so less steps are taken to get at it.  Really?!?!?!?!

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Don't Touch MY Chicken

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Division and Dry Feet

I can hardly believe that it's been two weeks since my last post!!  YIKES...time flies and with that fleeting time, lots has happened.

Today I want to tell you how grateful I am for EVERYTHING that has happened in my, loved ones, friends, and modern medicine.  Yes, my BF is recovering nicely from her stage 3 cancer and another friend is recovering from a heart attack, while the Pres was not hurt in an accident he had while driving a 33' box truck for a friend of his and while the scheduled banding of the Eagle chick was cancelled, the chick is growing like crazy!

I also want to tell you that division works.  Last year, when I had absolutely NO blooms on my Iris', I decided that I would dig up the entire bed and separate the tubers. Painstakingly time consuming, while the separation was hard work, replanting the hillside was not easy.  Digging up and turning the soil, and then barely submerging the tubers, after a few hours of being hunched over on my hands and knees, I found myself just jamming them anywhere they would fit.  And fit they did!  However, to me, this is proof that dividing those tubers and insuring their feet are "dry" works!!

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Division and Dry Feet

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