Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Company I Keep

Eastern Towhee at Home
While Walking 

Graveyard Capture

Roadside Find

As with just about everything in my life, I adore them all...each and every one...for their individuality and their impact on my life.

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The Company I Keep

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Thankful Thursday
The Bird D'Pot
Weekend Reflection
My Corner of the World

However, it's not all about me.  Last week my granddaughter sent me a text.  It read:  "Nature Photographer in the making" and included this pic.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Keeping Busy...aka Are YOU Tired?

Busier now during this Covid 19 thing than I was before, this is an example of what a week looks like for me:

Based on weather, I've been walking either solo or with a close friend several times a week.  Yes, when there is a "we" distance is a priority.  However, we do get to chat which makes the time fly in doing the 5 miles.

Discovering (thanks to yet another friend) a gentleman by the name of Jerry Baker, along with his homemade concoctions for cleaning/washing and fertilizing your gardens whether flowers, shrubs, or vegetables is making me relive my "wannbe scientist" days.   Speaking of veggies, I planted a few (potatoes, beets, scallions now and spinach will be put in later) in a raised bed, eliminating bending.  

Yard Work:
Just this morning, I dug up a small conifer that seemed to struggling ever since I brought the little thing home from a "walk/talk" about trees last year.  To my surprise, there were two small ones near it so I've decided that it represents my two children and myself.

Planted all the hanging pots with red, white purple and yellow Million Bells, which I love!  The Pres brought them home from the greenhouse along with 5 pots of lavender and some dianthus, which will be planted this week.  All the Dahlia tubers are in their favorite spot which is growing by leaps and bounds...:)

Picking up branches, small tree limbs I found a nice sunny spot that would be ideal Echinacea and Black Eyed Susan seed left from last year's deadheading.  Driving almost every day, I've taken over weed eating UNTIL MY NEW MOWER ARRIVES.  Yes, you heard me.  I am getting MY VERY OWN...WOOT!  WOOT! (Actually, it will be good for the Pres so I can take care of that task for him.)  


Both nests are doing well.  One female is sitting high, which usually indicates hatchlings, while at the other nest, the female is still sitting low.

Although the nests are not mine to monitor, I was asked to visit two with a co-worker.  One nest has two chicks and the second nest has three, which I have never seen.  That discovery was super exciting!! 

Spring Cleaning:
Windows washed, screens in (no pix).   What I have left to tackle is to power wash the house.  However, that may not happen until we're done with tree pollen....oh well.  Routine housework while the Pres continues to drive almost daily.

Social Media:
Not much.  Why?  
I'm too flipping tired!!!

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Keeping Busy...
aka Are YOU Tired?

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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The "One" (Part 2)

Working hard to build a nest for this season, the male worked almost nonstop until the day that female showed up.  Appearing to be so excited they seemed to flirt with each other high above the nest.  It was wonderful to see!

And then I saw it.  It was yet another Osprey approaching fast and furious from the North.  She already had a mate.  It was a pair trying to take over his nest!!

He did his best to ward them off as they dove at each other near the cell tower.  Feeling such a sense of relief when the pair flew off heading South, I was proud of the lone male protecting what was his.

Each day I returned to watch the lone adult and wondered when and IF he would venture off to find a female.  The pair always seemed to be close, appearing every now and then waiting for just the right opportunity to steal his home.

Then one day in the beginning of April, after torrential rains, I pulled in to observe and saw that the pair had won the battle.  There they sat, one in the nest and the mate on the tower's edge as the "lone" male circled high above.  Defenseless against the two hawks, he had no choice but to move on.

Yes, the pair is on eggs and yes, I monitor their activity.  For that I am thankful.  Yet  
in my heart, I hope that my "lone" adult has found "his love" too.  Don't you?

seeing, saying, and sharing...

The "One"
(Part 2)
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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The "One"...A Story

Although I haven't told this story to many, I felt it was time to make it public.

As you know, I am currently monitoring two Osprey nests not far from my home.  The nest closest to me has had a bit of drama so far this season and although the pair of Osprey are on eggs now, it's time for me to tell you just what happened.

Last year, this nest was NOT monitored by anyone.  In fact, the organizations in charge of monitoring didn't even know it existed until I brought it to their attention.  Yes, they were excited and grateful to have it in their "count" and subsequently asked me to keep an eye on it for the remaining of the season.  

As the season progressed and the fledgling was old enough to learn to fish on it's own, I noticed and reported what I thought was a  dead Osprey in the nest.  Since the nest was located on top of a cell tower, I tracked down the owner and passed all information to those in charge of the project.  Weeks passed and no one came out to investigate so I did.   To make matters worse, as the weather became more and more inclement, eventually the dead bird along with the nest blew down to the second level of the cell tower.  Once again, I submitted pictures along with my notes to those in charge, highlighting the dead birds feathers and the debris from the nest that had been blown from the top of the tower due to their weightlessness.

The Osprey season came to a close.  The cell tower was now bare and Winter came and went.  Then in March, just like clock work, I, once again, spotted an Osprey in the vicinity of the cell tower and began to make regular visits.  

Based on the markings (or lack there of) around it's neck, I determined it was a male. And what was he doing?  Building a new nest from scratch, of course.  While I was happy to see the adult return to it's old nesting site, I was also sad because I knew that his mate would not be returning.  I wondered if he knew she was dead.  And, his return would mean that he'd have to find a new "love".

With each passing day, I watched as he painstakingly carried in sticks and twigs (some far too big for the nest) and then assemble the base.  This continued for days ( 03/25/20- 04/02/20) and during that time, the nest grew substantially considering there was only ONE adult doing all the work.  

Enduring high winds, heavy rain and even two cell tower workers scaling the tower to add/replace/repair the second level, he never gave up.  Day after day I watched as he worked, stopping only to fly to the nearby river and catch a fish.  He'd eat, preen and resume working.

In my heart, I wondered when he would venture off (perhaps to the shore) and come home with his "love".  Then one day as I watched the male work, a female appeared.  Sitting in my car, seeing his reaction as she approached I remember vividly how elated I was, thinking that perhaps she was "the one."

seeing, saying and sharing...

The "One"...A Story

with you and those at

to be continued...


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