Saturday, January 19, 2019

A Story: The Headless Hiker

Walking along with the other hikers, when Boss stopped to chat about this particular tree, I was amazed to see that although the lower five feet of the trunk was completely hollow, the tree itself was very much alive.

The next thing from Boss was, "JP climb inside and see what it's like. I'll take your picture."

ME:  "Boss, do you think I could fit?  If I get stuck in there, I won't be a happy camper."

BOSS:  "Don't worry.  We'll come and save you.  Now tell me how to work this thing.  What button do I push?"

Once inside (which was really kind of cool), and after telling him which button was for the shutter, I heard Boss say, "We can't see your head.  Duck down." 

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The Headless Hiker

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The Homewrecker

You've all heard of "puppy-proofing" your house, I'm sure.  And although I have never heard of "kitten proofing," I wish I had.  

I truly am amazed just how talented Katniss is in wrecking a home.  To date, she:

took down the sheer drapes in my bedroom, including the curtain rod...while I was sleeping; virtually destroyed a Flowering Jasmine (now recovering at my daughter's in RI)...while I was at the gym;  was caught destroying the dried berries in my antique whiskey jug...while I was making my breakfast; misplaced three of my favorite pens...Heaven only knows when; has discovered that sleeping in the linen closet serves as a great power nap...while I'm in the shower; discovered that the washing machine is a great hiding place; has lost all the Pres' dental piks that he leaves on his end table; and this was "the cat's meow"...She decided that she wanted to play leap-frog with me while I was stooping down cleaning her litter box!!

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The Home Wrecker

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Saturday Critters

And just in case your heart melted when you saw the pic of her, here's another pic of the little "Homewrecker's" mischievous actions.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Nothing Profound...Just The Truth

Making arrangements to have someone from the local Fish & Game Club meet me at 6:30 AM the day of the Eagle Survey was the hard part.  Watching the VP's face as he watched his first Bald Eagle in flight was my reward. 

Thank you, Jim.

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Nothing Profound...Just The Truth

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