Childhood Memories

This is the house I grew up in, located right on Main Street.  It was white when I lived in it.  I lived here until I was seventeen and had graduated High School.  When I went back to see it, it seemed so much smaller.  Is that because we are "grown up" now? I wish I could have gone inside.

This is where I went to church...St Teresa's, located on Main St not far from what was called the "Hollow". I guess the word "hollow" was destined to be in my life.  My sister and I went to a Catholic Church while my cousins attended a Protestant Church.  We were given a ride to and from church and Catechism every Sunday.

Here is our drugstore, again, right on Main Street.  We used to go here for ice cream sodas!  I was surprised, yet comforted, to know that it still exists!

Here is the bridge that I used to jump from down into the river!  When I revisited it, I was a little concerned because now the river is not deep at all.  When we jumped you had to stay close to this side in order not to touch bottom.  It was great fun and it was just a short walk down the hill from our house.  Now, corn fields grow on both sides of the river.

Here is the pond where we used to go skating in the winter.  This was located not far from the house we moved to once I graduated high school.  We used to walk to the pond, spend the morning skating, then walk home again.  Once I tripped on a bump in the ice, fell and had to walk home with a broken arm.  Then I was taken to the town doctor who had to set and cast it.  Six months earlier, while carrying the garbage down to the burn barrel, I slipped and fell.  When I got back to the house and told my Aunt, she told me to go upstairs and change.  When I came down, I showed her the cut on my knee, which had to be butterflied.  Then I showed her the one on my shin, a gaping hole about 1 1/2 inches long.  She wasn't happy.  They took me to the local doctor, who removed threads of dungaree and fleece (from my boot lining) from the wound before stitching it up.  I still have a nasty scar. 


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