Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beach Baby

Last week, while the Pres headed off to work (yes work...don't worry though...only PT for his brother), I headed to RI to spend the day with my daughter and Angel.  It was one of those days...perfect, sunny, around 80 and a wonderful breeze making the beach PERFECT.

What I didn't expect to see was a beach baby...not this late in the year.  Yet there it was.  Larger than Mom, it cried and carried on as Mom stood by watching and listening patiently.  It hung around the small inlet and when the water rushed in, it would scurry around after fish.   What I did observe was this.  When Mom was around, it cried.  When Mom wandered off, it's demeanor changed completely.  It stood erect, rather than submissively, stopped crying and took care of itself.  

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Eating Greens

Swallowing deeply as I took yet another sip of coffee, the early morning mist was beginning to clear and I found myself peeking out the front door.  Spotting the movement in the distance, I just had to get the doe and her fawn (now without spots).

Munching the neighbors weeds (which is also where I've seen the baby rabbits hide), they seemed content as I watched them wander down the gravel road to our woods below the house.

Although it's hard to believe summer is officially over.

Have a safe Labor Day...:)

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