Monday, July 28, 2014

Hearty Produce

Planting only two in pots on the patio, they get full sun most of the day and lots of water.  Adding some Parsley and a few Marigolds to the perimeters of the huge pots was totally my idea as well as their new location.  

Last year the pots were located on the South side of the house where most people say there is typically more sun.  Not in our yard.  The treeline protected them and continues to protect us from the mid-day sun.  Last year we had a few.
This year we have a lot...:)

Yes, if you look closely they are almost heart shaped.  This variety, known as Oxheart, proved to be a success for us.  I've been enjoying my tomato sandwiches daily!  There's nothing like a fresh tomato sandwich with a hearty tomato on hearty panini bread smothered in mayo! 

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