Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Up In The Air

The past week has been more than ordinary as far as the immature goes.  One afternoon, there it was soaring over the woods in our front yard.  It was only about 100 ft up as it sailed over the trees, across the yard and into it's area.  What an enormous wingspan they have! 

 Although it's cry fills the air when I open the slider each morning, I know the silence will come soon.  The adults have been stopping by occasionally...more lessons for the young one perhaps.  Last year the two immatures were here until November before the adults threw them out.  I wonder when this "kid" will be banished and if the adults will spend the Winter here as they did last year.

At this stage, everything is literally
up in the air.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Long List

"First things first," said the Pres to my son.  "Lets unload the pellets here in the garage."

Of course, that was once we arrived at his house.  The four bags that fell off the trailer when the Pres hit the brakes were smashed and pulverized by traffic.  Thank goodness no one was hurt!!!

 Then the real task began.  While I watched Mia, the Pres and "the boy" began tearing up the roof shingles to access the two skylights which were being removed.

Apparently, when their roof was put on, the flashing was never put under the framing causing leaking...UGH!

Gosh, my honey knows how to do a lot of stuff!!

So in the two days we went over, they shopped for roofing materials, removed both skylights, sheetrocked and taped the interior of the family room.  

But when the boy mentioned painting, the Pres put the brakes on.  He hates to paint while my son loves to...:)

They also re-did the plumbing completely under their new kitchen sink, drilled all the holes for the new hardware and decided the next project would be to relocate a workbench in their basement. 

Any improvements going on in your house?

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