Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Good Doctor

Last week we went to the Cardiologist to review the Pres' numbers and status in preparation for the next phase of his treatments.

Walking into the exam room carrying a model of a heart, the Pres' Cardiologist smiled his all too familiar smile.  Before he placed it on the cabinet off to the side,  I asked The Good Doctor if I could take a picture of it to use on my blog, assuring him that he would not be in it.

  Once he approved the first pic, he repositioned the artificial heart.  Cradling it in his arm, The Good Doctor said, smiling coyly, "See, I'm carrying my heart on my sleeve.  Have you ever heard that expression?"

"Of course, I have," I answered, aiming the cell phone at the newly positioned heart, once again assuring him that he would not be in the photo.

Bottom line is this.  The Pres' numbers were all good since his last visit including those recorded when he wore the heart monitor.  We are ready for the next step.  He has been scheduled for another Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) and IF there are no clots in his heart, they will proceed with the Electric Cardioversion, in hopes of getting a normal rhythm.  This will all be done as an outpatient on April 1st.  "Down stream we're talking valve replacement for which there are two approaches.  For him, we would opt for traditional open heart surgery."

Yep...of all days...they had to schedule it for tomorrow, April Fools Day!

Oh, one more thing.
When "all this is done," The Good Doctor asked me to teach him everything I know about Eagles and Eagle watching.
Heaven help the OR!

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Monday, March 30, 2015

The First Day

of Spring it snowed.

However, my Hibiscus bloomed.

On Saturday, it snowed again.  I imagine you are as sick of hearing about it as I am about talking about it.  Look very closely at the American Goldfinch pix below.  Can you see the "white magic" coming down from left to right?

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brrr...It's Spring

Sitting atop their spools, the four frogs' scarves blew in the wind.
Waving gently as I stood on the sidewalk taking the pix, I wondered when their scarves would be removed.  

Brrr...this is Spring?
Whenever I pass them, I look to see if they still wear their scarves.
 I am still wearing mine.

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