Monday, April 21, 2014

Flying High

Lacewings, Sulfurs, Tigers, Swallowtails, Monarchs, Heliconias, Cabbage Whites, Longwings, Fritillaries, Admirals, Owls, Blue Morphos, and the list goes on...

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Butterflies, unlike moths, are most active in the early morning hours.  Since I've been going to 

for nine years, the owners and employees let me in before they open to the public.  Each morning after my three mile walk along the beach, I head to the Farm for my cool down.
Wandering through the lush green paths, I watch at the butterflies stop to land on a flower or a leaf, then flutter away in search of more.

The Atlas Moth,however, became my favorite.
Can you see why?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Life IS Scenic

this is where life took me...scenic Palm Beach. Sunny, warm balmy winds, temps in the upper 80's.

This morning on Easter Sunday, it is a whopping 37 degrees here.

Here at home.

Here, listening to the eagles chatting in the morning as they take turns sitting on eggs.

Happy Easter....
may your sunrise light your life and lift your sprits
Revel in the gift of LIFE.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wild...Just Plain Wild

Not far from our resort and on the way to the beach, there is an area I discovered that borders the bird sanctuary. Wondering if I could get any decent pix, I wandered a little closer because I had seen a Snow Egret as well as the Red Throated Heron over the past few days.

Did I just see a FIN?  Holy moose-poops!!  It is a fin!!
Hmmmm...what is that swimming in the water???

Oh, crap!!  There's another one farther out!!

And there's another one. 
 Hmmmm...perhaps that is why I am not seeing any birds!!!

I was later told by a long time Aruban resident that tarpon live in this brackish water and get quite large (60-200 lbs or more!!!). Tarpon survive in this type of water which has less saline than the sea but more than fresh water and sometimes...

they get hungry if there is insufficient food for them!!!

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