Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fruity Friendships

If you remember, a few years ago using my MIL's Fruitcake Recipe, I ended up with 14 fruitcakes.  Then I virtually had to ask people if they liked fruitcake in order to find them all homes!

It ended up being a "feel good" for me, seeing them smile and tell me how much they enjoyed it. 

Well, it has now become a tradition and I actually have some of my "fruity friends" ask me that if I'm making them. 

Saturday, I did just that, although I ended up with only 13.   Running into the same issues as I have in the past, I had to transfer all the cake batter into a larger bowl then add all the dried fruit and nuts. 

There was just sooooo much batter and being so thick and heavy,  stirring was difficult.  

Monday, I added rum to the cheesecloth and then re-wrapped each one in it's cheesecloth, plastic wrap, followed by foil.  For all intents and purposes, they should sit three months.  However, I think they'll be good knowing Christmas is still two weeks away.  They smelled delicious, which actually made the clean-up kind of pleasant.

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Fruity Friendships

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Ups and Downs

It began last Tuesday when I decided to "make Christmas happen."  Asking the Pres to take down the large, heavy totes and boxes the day before meant that all I had to do was drag them into the house, place everything in the rooms, put up and decorate the artificial tree.

Prior to starting the inside, I had placed all the swags, and wreaths on the fence and house, and made a "quickie"  floral arrangement using some of Nature's castaways in the old cement basket.  

It was then that my daughter called and suggested that I put up the old tree near the front door  When the Pres plugged the tall, narrow tree in, I saw that she was right.  It fit perfectly.  

However, now I needed to think about a new place for the old cement basket given to us by the Pres' Aunt and Uncle many, many years ago.  That's a Christmas "must have."

And now it was time to bring in the large bag that holds the artificial tree.  So with boxes and totes placed strategically, I removed the three sections of the tree.  Folding up the giant bag, all I wanted to do was get it out of the way and put it out in the garage. 

Well as I rounded the corner and began to walk past the stairwell, the edge of the awkward shaped bag got caught on the spindle.  Suddenly I found myself being catapulted into the wooden bench in the entrance way. Falling sideways, thank goodness the black wooden bench was there.  I caught myself landing on the bench but whacked my arm pretty good.  

Immediately getting an ice pack from the freezer helped ease the pain and I’m sure the swelling too.  Waking up the following day with a 3"x6" black & blue, and a very sore arm, I decided where I needed to move the concrete planter.

The solution was simple.  Pick up the cement basket and carry it about twenty feet to the end of the house,  It would be placed below my wooden snowman given to me years ago by a sweet ad dear friend (another "must have")

Personally, I thought it looked good there.

However, I soon discovered that I'd strained my back and was laid up for five flipping days.  All I can say is, "thank goodness for back belts, Arnicare, and Thermal Care Heat Wraps" along with an occasional Aleve.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Christmas Ups and Downs

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