Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Fence of Flowers

Taking an alternate route to get to Target, I came across this greenhouse and told myself that on the way home I would snap a shot.

Look at the size of these babies!

The planters were so full that they appeared to form a "fence."

Then, because I didn't want to cheat, I noticed the real fence across the road.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eagle MIA

Remember the story I told you about my friend, Al  (Webster Lake, MA), and how he saved the young male eagle after it fell out of the nest?  Well, I just had to tell you that the chick worked his way back to the nest and was able to return to the nest by taking short flights with his eagle parent, George, protecting him along the way.

Since then his eaglet chicks...both chicks, who are named Betsy and Ross...have fledged successfully, with George and Martha giving them lessons. Soon they will learn to hunt on their own by watching their parents fish from the lake. That nest is deemed "successful."

Because of the time and attention I've been devoting to the Pres, I really have not given the Eagles the attention I normally do.  When I found myself in a real slump last weekend, I thought if I walked in, they would perk me up.  After all, seeing or hearing them always does.

Once in and after observing no activity nor hearing a sound, I decided to walk over closer to the nesting tree.  Using the zoom lens I saw no signs of fresh bird poop on the briers or Virginia Creeper at the base of the nest.  I got closer and closer until I was directly under the nest.  Then I spotted these, some of which to me looked like the remains of a bird.

Digging through the pine straw, more "parts" were uncovered as my mind wandered.  Perhaps it had fallen out of the nest, died and was picked clean by beetles.  The adults would not hang around with no young one to care for.  Taking it all in, my eyes became teary and it was then that I headed home.

Sending an email off to the folks at DEEP and of course, my friend Al in MA including the photos along with other facts like no recent sounds, no sightings, no fresh sprigs of pine at the nest, etc.  was my only recourse.  Yet, it was an email written with a sad, heavy heart.

Not long after I sent it, my friend Al asked permission to share the pix with his contact at MA DEP, which I gave.  Within a few hours, an expert at MA DEP sent me back an email.  What I took pix of were not Eagle remains.  They were of Eagle leftovers!

Identifying each and every feather and bone, the man's knowledge was unbelieveable, telling me that my Eagles had feasted on Canadian Goose, Mallard Duck and possibly a Brown Bullhead along with other fish.

So here, I am still searching for the chick I heard and saw on the rim of the nest on June 21st.  My opportunities to go in and observe have been limited so I not only missed the branching phase but also the actual fledging.  So now I keep my eyes on the sky hoping to see it fly with it's parents.  This past Saturday, I heard it in the woods so I'm sure it is well on it's way to hunting for itself.  So, no I have not seen this year's immature soaring...
not yet.

These are the two immatures born in 2013 soaring over the treeline and the yard in August of 2013.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Sneeze

Walking slowly through the grocery store, we picked up the things we needed and headed to the registers. Running the items through the self scanner, the Pres placed items on the conveyor belt while I bagged. You see, I needed to be near the bags since he is not allowed to lift anything over 10 lbs.

Once the bags were loaded in the cart, I pushed, as he walked along side reviewing our receipt. All was going smoothly until we got to the car. Opening the rear hatch, I turned to see his hands reaching for the heaviest bag which contained a gallon of milk, a gallon of OJ, a half gallon of Almond milk, and the Pres' favorite chocolate milk. Lifting that is apparently natural instinct for a "doer", so I quickly leaned in, took those handles and handed him the bag with the bread and rolls. "Hon, you're not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds for weeks," I said making eye contact. Reluctantly and annoyed, he caved, took the bag with bread and headed towards the passenger side of the car, his large ego following closely behind.

I think it was once inside the car, it happened. Taking him off guard, the sneeze...the boisterous, strenuous, deep sneeze...came out unexpectedly. Watching him seize his chest with his arms and groan was pain enough for me but it was when he said, "Holy crap, that hurt like a $&@-/@&$;?!" that my heart sank. It was his first sneeze since his surgery and not the last, although they got easier as time passed.

He is "doing good" according to the Pres when asked.  But he, I have also learned does not always disclose all the facts.  He says he is no longer light headed or dizzy which came out quite by accident with one of the visiting nurses.  She had asked the question to which he replied, "No."  Then he added, "Well, it doesn't last long, so no."  Today is four weeks since his open heart surgery and he thinks he is done. 

I do not share the same outlook because we did have to call the doctor's answering service a few times. His heart rate spiked while his blood pressure dropped really, really low. This continues to be a regular occurrence so I worry, although he doesn't.  In my old, logical mind, if a heart rate is high when sitting doing nothing, what will it do when he is actually "doing something"?

We have several follow up doctor's appointments along with his now routine blood work. I will admit that I will be more than glad when this phase is over!

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