Friday, February 5, 2016

Au Naturale

Devoid of color, how could something so simple be so beautiful?

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The Perfect Place

Another completed task for the Pres, although it was quite an undertaking, I'll admit.
  He and Luke brought four heavy planks of wood in from the garage and placed them across the steep, wide stairwell.  They then laid sheets of plywood on top of the planks.  Then the 10 foot ladder was placed on top of the plywood.  Luke then used my longest handled mop to hook the corner of the hanging light and pull it out of the Pres' way while he climbed the ladder.

Hopefully you've got the picture (pardon the pun):

the Pres up on the ladder
Luke holding the hanging light out of the way with the mop handle
and me, standing in the GR to give centering directions

Can you picture it?


Because, there was no one to go get the darn "masterpiece" and hand it to the Pres!!


The three of us laughed so hard, it took another fifteen minutes to re-group and get on with the task at hand!

I realize now that in the photo, it doesn't look centered, but it is, trust me.
Some of us around here have "issues."

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Waning Moon

Sometimes things that surround me serve as "prompts" for a post.  Lighting the night sky, the Moon, when full, is a beacon shining into the bedroom window.  It was when it vanished that I thought about our Moon.

Wandering into our yard and into our lives when we lived in VA, she fit right into our lifestyle at the base of the mountains.  She also melded nicely with Copper.  

He was friendly and would go to anyone.  She, on the other hand, was more stand-offish and became the protective one. 

 Quick to learn, our once love-starved Shepherd Husky, soon became known as "the escape artist."

Little did I know, at that time, that Huskies, by nature, love their freedom.  They do not like to be confined.

We had a fence in VA.  She would escape.  Most of the time we didn't know how...not unless it snowed.  We have a fence here in CT.  She has never tried to escape.  I wonder why.

Hunkering down in the recent 8" snowfall, as if she was lying on her bed in the house, this where she belongs, even if it was at 6:40 am.  

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