Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Call Me Spikey

See the white fuzzy crawly thing in the grass?  Watching it weave through the moist green grass without even bending the blades, I thought it was so cute.  Tucking a nearby leaf in front of it's path, I wanted to make it stand out for the pic.

It is much easier to see, don't you think?

It's white with black on a ridge that runs down the center of it's back.

It also had some black spikes,which to me, said LEAVE ME ALONE.

I did.

(It's a good thing.  Read about it here)

Yet, I've always like the color combination of red, white and black.

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You did know that if caterpillars have spikes they can be poisonous or allergenic, right?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Diversity Matters

In remembering my last job interview, I was told that my background with the bank was so diverse that it would be beneficial in my position as an Operations Consultant.
Now many years later, I realize just how much diversity matters.

This time of the year, diversity is so prevalent.
Skies are clear and crisp.
Trees are shedding, adorning the earth.
Birds are preparing.
Pods are bursting, ready to share their wealth.

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