Sunday, May 24, 2015

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Close calls

It's been interesting out this way over the past few weeks. Things that come to mind include:

Winds were downright fierce earlier in the week causing this limb that had been lodged in the branches of surrounding trees to land with a big thud!

The dogs and I were outside when it fell enjoying the 45-50 mph balmy breeze but after we heard it hit the "baseball scoreboard" we headed in.

When Moon went for her annual check-up, we were told that she tested positive for Lyme disease. Did you know that there are numerous strains that are not included in a dog's Lyme Vaccine? Taking her prescribed antibiotic, she will rebound according to the Vet.

And then it was the issue with the soaker hose. It had been working wonderfully...until, one day, when the Pres looked out the window, he spotted a gusher! Apparently the end cap had popped off who knows when causing freshly planted seed to dislodge, deep crevices to form and flood the lower garden bed!! The water did, however, form a great waterfall over the rocks! The Pres replaced the end cap and added a clamp for good measure to prevent future mishaps...:)

The holes in the walls have been repaired. Holes?? Yes, the holes caused by the installers of the awning. Apparently they used drill bits close to a foot long because of the extra thick walls and insulation in our home when looking for studs. When they left not only did we have a new retractable awning but we also had nine holes in the bathroom wall and a few protruding lag bolts as an added bonus! The local company has a wonderful reputation so we knew it would be repaired, which it was made to look good as new!

There are a few more things on the radar that need to be mentioned, but they will have to wait until after I weed eat and mow.  Although the Pres wanted me to learn to operate his 60" "walk behind" mower, something told me that would be an accident waiting to happen, so I am opting to use the old push mower instead.  Besides, according to the Heart Association, it's a great cardio workout.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day everyone!

Not Mine

The past few days, my daughter has been asking me, "Mom, have you seen my flowers?"

"Babe, I haven't had time to be on any form of social media. I've been transplanting, spraying for bugs, weeding, digging up more rocks, laundry, baking cupcakes, made crab salad, cole slaw, zesty carrots and eggplant parm, so I just haven't had the time." But then, this morning, remembering our conversation, I looked.

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