Friday, July 3, 2015

It Fits

When I had the Wrangler, in it would go.  The kayak, that is.  Then off I would go.  Yet this year the kayak hadn't even been taken down from the ceiling hooks in the garage.  It's too heavy for me to do it alone since I'd be on the 6' ladder standing on my tippy toes in order to unhook one end at a time.   

However, once I got the Subaru home, I began making plans.  The car, which is much taller, came with roof rails.  The Pres bought me crossbars.  In order to load the kayak on the roof by myself, I have to be able to lift it up onto the crossbars and place it in the cradle.  Because of it's weight and size, it is difficult to maneuver up and over my head.  

Rather than lifting the entire kayak up and over my head, all I have to do is get the nose up onto the roller I have which fits nicely in the hinge of the back hatch.  Then push and it's up and into it's cradle.  However, once I got it up on the roof and stepped back, logic began pumping through my veins.  Why not, I thought.

Reading the manual gave me the know how on how to fold down seats and lay back others.  Snug as a bug in a rug.  Forget trying to lift the kayak on the roof...
it fits!

Of course, I won't go kayaking by myself unless the Pres is around "just in case."  That was a promise I made to him when I first took lessons and bought the "green machine.
However, I thought that taking a ride over to the my favorite spot wouldn't hurt.   So I did just that...kayak and all.

I sure do miss the Pres.
This hospital stay feels a lot longer to me than I thought it would.
Before he went in, we joked about how much he would miss me.
However, apparently it's the other way around.

Scenic Weekends

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Tears Appeared

His surgery was this past Tuesday.  Wheeled away right before 7:30 am, the OR nurse told me she would touch base with me throughout the process.  Since he was "having a lot done,"  Maggie not only called me once the first incision was made, but also around mid-point, then again when the breathing and drain tubes were being inserted.  My daughter, Angel and step daughter were all there to see him off, waiting patiently for and during each call.

Then the surgeon called to tell me "everything went well.

It was when I saw the surgeon face to face that it happened.  Once again, telling me, "He did great.  There were no surprises.  Everything went like clockwork,"   I listened carefully to each and every word.  "His valve had only two leaflets.  He was born with it.  I gave him a big one now which should give him good flow compared to the one removed which was severely calcified."

Hugging him tightly and saying "Thank you over and over," 
happy tears appeared.

Hidden "PP"

Knowing that I would be preoccupied with the Pres this week, last week I took a ride, found this place and thought it was "PP"...picture perfect.  Virtually hidden by the surrounding foliage, it seemed to beckon me to pull over and take a peek.

Initially, I stopped to get a few reflections yet as I made my way down the narrow windy path closer to the water's edge, I saw something brown move in the distance.  I zoomed in.



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