Friday, September 2, 2016


The taste of Fall seemed to be in the air when I came across this secluded pond the other morning. Ahhhh...crisp, cool will be here sooner than we realize.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Hold On To Your Bulbs

While the dogs and I love watching the antics of all the critters we have here at the edge of the woods, some of the behaviors are misconstrued.  

For instance,

Did you know that Chipmunks emit different types of warnings?

A high pitched shrill .....means danger on the ground and is a signal to other critters.

A change in pitch and their shrill can mean mean danger from above in the case of nearby raptors and other birds of prey.

Most active in the early morning and late afternoon, the majority of their time is spent on the ground, although they can climb trees.  Did you also know that when they remove dirt to build their tunnels, they move it from the openings so it is not visible to predators?  Smart little buggers, right?

While the stripes on their bodies are a form of camouflage, the chipmunk is the smallest member of the squirrel family.   It's speed is by far it's greatest defense though as it is always watching...always on alert.  


The Eastern Chipmunk is the one that lives in my neck of the woods, although there are over twenty varieties.  Did you know that?

Did you also know that the little rascals mate twice a year and produce 2-6 young with each litter?  Did you know that CT is experiencing a "chipmunk explosion'?  It's all because we had a mild Winter along with an abundance of acorns and maple seeds.

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Hold On To Your Bulbs

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Now if the facts didn't make you smile, this last photo might just do it for you.
  Is this Chipmunk biting his toenails????



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