Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Blunder

It was because one of my readers that I pursued the topic of Bittersweet, that invasive vine we're trying to eradicate.  

One of my readers had asked me how to tell the difference between Oriental Bittersweet and American Bittersweet, the kind that used to be indigenous to my neck of the woods.  So, thanks to one of my readers, I did a little more digging (both figuratively and literally).

Refer to the diagram on page 2 of the link for thorough identification.

Just in case you are not aware of the difference between the two varieties, here are a few helpful hints:

 Oriental (aka Asiatic) Bittersweet:  

is invasive
it strangles vegetation
has spread East, West and South and heading to Midwest
found in a variety of habitats from roadsides, interior forests and even sand dunes
has fruit and flowers located in leaf axils along stem
capsules are yellow

American Bittersweet:

climbs vegetation but not aggressively or as large 
fruit and flowers in terminal clusters
capsules are orange

The bottom line is this.  The Pres and I thought our property was loaded with American Bittersweet.

We were wrong. 

Sharing our blunder with you and those at

Natures Notes

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mother Of Eleven

Another opportunity arose for me to spend time with Mia and I jumped at it even though it meant getting up earlier than normal and driving the hour and a half in the fog to get to her house.  We have fun!

Among other things (and I mean a lot of other things), we played store, where I was the store owner and Mia was a mother shopping for her children. She shopped in the family room and her bedroom bringing items for me to "hold while she shopped." Finally, I just had to ask.

These are a lot of gifts. How many children do you have, Mrs P?
Her response was nonchalant. I have eleven kids...five girls, four boys, one baby girl and one baby boy. (I still wonder why the babies are not counted in the girl/boy count.)

And so, the small mother of eleven 
placed her children's gifts under the Christmas tree.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Looking Out

Taken from inside the house, it's short and sweet.

The Eagles continue to gather pine for their nest

while the other birds fill their bellies.

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