Monday, May 2, 2016

A Busy Week Filled With Questions

Sure April 22nd was officially Earth Day. However, here in my neck of the woods, it had to be rescheduled to Tuesday. Here's why....

Monday, I drove over to spend the day with my granddaughter, Mia. What a riot that was! My son and his wife had told her "no toys...Nana is not buying any toys today when you go out." But it was after her folks left for work that she said, "So, Nana, I was thinking. When we go out later, maybe we could shop for accessories." We did and she came home with a cute little bracelet she'd picked out that was a BFF bracelet. Half would go to her friend and half to her. All in all we had a great day, although when we got back to her house, she suggested that I take lessons in how to operate remote controls for TVs...LOL!! Do you think that is because I rarely get to use the one we have here?

Tuesday I picked up after the slobs that litter. Hoisting the nearly full green garbage bag over my left shoulder, I trudged toward our gravel road knowing that at least one of the remaining two would soon be just as heavy. But then that shiny dark green pickup truck drove by again. This time he stopped as he pulled up right next to me and said, "I just had to come and meet the Good Samaritan would I see doing this each year." A short time later, he drove off with the heavy green trash bag that he'd placed in the bed of his truck. You see he told me that the least he could do was get rid of the trash for me. 
 Has that ever happened to you?

Wednesday was the gym in the morning. Then that night I drove 1 1/2 hrs to attend a get together with my former colleagues. It was so great to see everyone again. One major faux pas though. There I stood in the bar chatting with a gal who I thought was "Debbie." However, when I walked about her husband, Jack, she looked at me and said her husband who she divorced was not Jack! Holy crap, was I embarrassed!! She wasn't Debbie.   She was Brenda! 
 Has that ever happened to you?

Thursday was housework and Tai Chi because Friday had me attending a presentation on Eagles and I was finally going to meet a fellow Eagle monitor from Massachusetts!! He is so knowledgeable and often shares great information with me so I have the utmost respect and admiration for him and his endeavors. He has set up his own monitoring system recording the nest activity periodically throughout the day with these huge lens and recording equipment which he then plays back on his laptop. It was so wonderful to finally meet him face to face!!! I felt like I've known him for years. 
 Has that ever happened to you?

Then on Saturday and Sunday, our BFF, Luke, brought over the backhoe and a bobcat to pull the 21 tree stumps (left from the trees we removed for solar, remember?)!! Holy aching bodies!!!   

 Pulling roots a little each day because the Pres developed bronchitis, I got sore...downright sore!  Meanwhile when the work began, he said he was catching a cold. That was last Saturday.  Four days later, he went to the doctor to get checked because he had a wicked sore throat. Diagnosed with bronchitis, he now has a scrip and the nastiest sounding cough you can imagine!!  Has THAT ever happened to you?  Who knew that you could develop bronchitis so quickly???

As you can imagine, the next step was to grade.  A few days later, once the Pres was feeling better, he drove the ATV to spread grass seed and fertilizer.  So here we sit, waiting for rain wondering if it will come.  Meanwhile, I asked the Pres to save all the tree stumps and just pile them up in the woods down below.  The critters will love them!

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Last Day

Although the pic is grainy, you get the idea what The Last Day of vacation was like.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Going GREEN and Doing The Math

Strawberry Rhubarb pie made with the rhubarb from last Fall....yum!
(The rhubarb plant along with the pie were gifts from friends...Luke & Laura.)

Yet, that's not what this post is about.
( I really just WANTED TO MAKE YOU DROOL!)

Actually this is about going green
and a follow-up on how our solar panels are doing since the "net meter" was installed 12/1/15. That's the "we went live".

Sure, our electric bills have been a lot lower than they were a year ago. In fact, our first bill was half of what it was last Winter. The next month, it was even lower and lower and lower. So this month's bill should be next to NOTHING...ZIPPO....NADA...ZILCH!

Okay, I got the bill. It wasn't ZIPPO.  It was $40.47 (not too bad, considering there is a minimal fee of $20.00 to remain "on the grid" (Which means you can still get power from the power company if the need arises).  However, now that the sun is higher in the sky, "we should be golden," according to the Pres.

Although there is a monitoring website that we can access for the daily production numbers and various reports and graphs, the Pres insists on "doing the math". Each day...every day...he reads the meters. Yes there are two. One meter tells us how many kilowatts the solar panels generated since inception. Then, the net meter tells us how many kilowatts we "bought" or used from the power company and the other reading tells us how many kilowatts we produced or sent to the power company.

The difference between the amount used and the amount sent s our "net." Perhaps this diagram will help. case you're thinking of "going green"...with you and those at 

because these pastures are also

"going green" since I took these.

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