Monday, March 2, 2015

The Builder's Projects

My son always admired the tables that the Pres has built over the years so when he sent me a text message with an end table (not shown here) that he built, it didn't surprise me.  Pleased with the way it came out, his message said, "Mom, all I did was copy Joe', right?"

And that is how it all began.  He got some patterns and began his project (s)...

If I get in trouble for making his work public, will you come to my rescue?

Sharing the builder's projects with you and those at

Mosaic Monday

Oh, one more thing.
We got 6 inches of "white magic" last night !

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Best In Snow

I Love Snowcones
Loving the snow, this dog of mine was built for Winter. When we head outside, one of the first things Moon does is gobble up a few mouthfuls of snow.

Yes, Winter is for snow!

She follows the cleared paths for just so long before she decides that wading through the stuff would be a lot more fun.  An independent and head strong dog, she is extremely obedient and very quick to learn.

Fur on her feet helps keep her warm as she trudges through the snow. Another trait of Huskies is that they dislike being confined and Moon is definitely Husky.

Enabling her to find leftover kibble now buried in the snow, a great nose has it's advantages too, although that could be the German Shepherd in her.  She can locate just about anything that you bury.

In fact, it seems that this young lady decided that the aroma coming from the frozen suet nailed to a nearby tree was so tempting she just had to go investigate.

Then it was off for a little hunting.

Listening intently through the snow, she would pounce suddenly, then dig.

Unfortunately, she came up empty and headed to another section of the yard before lying down in the "white magic."

Yes, Winter is for Huskies, too!

Sure, the Beagle "Miss P" won Best in Show
But Moon would win BEST IN SNOW!
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